- Critical limb ischemia


About disease

Limb ischemia is an extremely unpleasant disease that really complicates the patients’ lives. However stem cells can relieve their sufferings.

Our clinic offers limb ischemia treatment with stem cells. The treatment process recovers vessels and normalizes blood circulation. With blood flow the cells get to the damaged vessels, fasten to the healthy vessel tissues substituting lost cells and closing injuries. In the result the vessels walls and channels become elastic and acquire normal thickness, vessels patency increases.

The treatment process is based on application of stem cells ability to produce factors stimulating new capillaries (angiogenesis) and vessels (vasculogenesis) growth. Stem cells produce new collateral vessels networks passing around constriction areas. In the result of new vessels rise the blood supply, limb nutrition and oxygenation become to recover.

After limb ischemia stem cell treatment you’ll notice considerable reduction or complete disappearance of legs pain, ulcer quick healing and you’ll get the possibility of normal walk back. And remember: even in the hardest cases stem cells allow to avoid damaged limb amputation. It is important to timely seek help from our qualified specialists in our clinic. We’ll help you to regain the joy of life!

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Limb ischemia is a disease connected with vessel system injury that violates legs normal blood supply. In the result the damaged areas suffer from insufficient oxygenation and nutrition of tissues and cells as well as scumming with metabolism products that leads to injuring and further death of muscular tissues cells.

Critical limb ischemia is a state of almost full termination of arterial blood supply to tissues. Because of vessels severe atherosclerotic damage the injured area gets reduced hydrodynamic pressure. As a result of insufficient blood circulation there appears legs skin and muscle tissue necrosis that leads to persistent wounds formation. The patient suffers with intensive legs pain that becomes stronger when walking and virtually deprive him the possibility to move freely. And if not to improve arterial blood supply the limbs amputation becomes unavoidable for all patients.

The main diseases that can provoke critical limb ischemia are atherosclerosis, thromboangiitis and endarteritis (arteries’ inflammation) as well as vessels damage at diabetes. In neglected cases pain becomes to torture even in stall position, ulcer or gangrene develops.   

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